Brighton Rock

Next week at Inkwell Readers Group we’re reading Graham Greene’s novel, Brighton Rock. Whilst Greene’s novels are still widely read, originally written in 1938, Brighton Rock’s tale of mobster animosity has been reproduced in numerous – and famous – film  adaptations over the years that have perhaps served to support its eminence. John Boulting’s (1948) version starring Richard Attenborough is arguably the most revered, but relatively recently, Rowan Joffé’s 2010 adaptation transposed the gang’s dividing dogmas to the mods and rockers of the sixties. Vespas and Brylcreem to boot.

Join us then on Saturday the 20th July to discuss Greene’s novel. You can either contact Inkwell (@inkwellarts) or Liam (@liamhbishop) via Twitter, ask inside at Inkwell, or the readers group via email ([email protected]). Or, simply, join us on the day at 11am whether you’ve had the opportunity to read it or not. Inkwell is a creative space promoting positive mental health.