Enabling people experiencing mental health difficulties to flourish

Using art and creativity as a tool we work with people to recover and maintain a robust mental health. We all benefit from a healthy well being and we believe creative activity provides a powerful way to help us do this. Our students tell us that coming to Inkwell has had a markedly positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing. Here are some stories from people who have been a part of Inkwell and how they feel we have helped them on their journey to recovery…..

Photograph by Phillip Elkin

“It is such a relaxed, ambient environment in this class with a great tutor and a chance to display our work. The fact that everyone has varying skill levels means that we all make sure we help each other out. This class is such a positive place for people who are struggling with their mental health, it helps to build confidence and setting yourself little goals is sometimes better for a person thanself-analysis.”


“These classes are great for me as I’m retired and on my own and it really gives me something to look forward to. Every week I leave feeling happy and excited to return. When I made the decision to start a sewing class, I looked around at a few in the area and this one really stuck out to me because others wanted an up-front payment for a full semester and seemed quite strict on attendance. I like the sewing classes here as I can choose when to come and pay per lesson; I’m not expected to pay the full price due to me being retired. I think that charging an up-front fee creates a sense of exclusivity which can put off those on a lower income or the retired. This is a lovely environment to be in.”


“Being here has helped my confidence levels, the fact that we can come when we want takes away the pressure of having to constantly attend when sometimes I might not feel up to it. The bright friendly environment is something I love about this place; anyone is welcome and my family members who have visited have been greeted with the same open arms as I was. It’s thanks to Inkwell that I will be starting Art School in September, something which I would not have had the confidence to do before.”


“Craft Café has a friendly atmosphere, where all skill levels come together to try new things. It’s chance to learn new skills and have the freedom to express yourself. I’ve done a bit of volunteering here too which I’ve really enjoyed.”


Karl's Story


The Cotman Project

In collaboration with Leeds Art Gallery
June 2017 -Nov 2017

During the summer and Autumn of 2017, Inkwell artists responded to the work of John Sell Cotman. This is a film about the project and Reditum exhibitions on Light Night 2017.