Milkman by Anna Burns Read-Along

On Saturday 17th August, neatly following the Booker Prize Longlist announcement, we will be reading last year’s winner: Anna Burns’ Milkman. The novel is set in an unnamed city (largely assumed to be Belfast during the Troubles), with an unnamed female narrator and an unnamed insidious, paramilitary figure called ‘Milkman’ unduly pursuing her.

We’ve decided to host a ‘Read-Along’ of Burns’ accoladed novel before our meeting at Inkwell. How this will work is, on Sunday 4th August, I will post a summary and discussion of the first 100 pages. Then, the next week, on the 11th August, I will post a summary and discussion of the following 100 pages.

The week after, on the 17th, we will meet at Inkwell to discuss the remaining pages and the book as a whole. I’ll post a summary of the discussions we have following this meeting, online, for those who might have been joining us online from farther afield.

Please do visit the blog and add your comments about your reading experience of Milkman. Of course, if you can, join us at Inkwell,  to discuss the book.

Follow me, Liam, on Twitter (@liamhbishop) and check in on Sunday, here, on Inkwell’s blog or my website, to read along.

Inkwell, the Readers Group and myself would love to hear from you!

Milkman Read-Along Schedule

August 4th: First 100 Pages

August 11th: the next 100 pages

August 17th: Inkwell Arts Readers Group at Inkwell, Chapel Allerton