Jazz Divas play live every month at Inkwell

The Jazz Divas effortlessly put on a fantastic show last Saturday afternoon at Inkwell, playing to a friendly, chilled-out audience in the cafe. Their freeness and precision resembled a Jazz band from 1940s America. Guest vocalist Jennie Hammond had a cool presence that commanded the music and her renditions of old classics were unique. The spontaneity of the players was exceptional; the drummer Dom Moore’s relaxed leadership, the saxophonist, Brendan Duffy’s warmth and passion, the bassist Steve Crocker’s skilful groove-keeping and the guitarist, Will Powell’s melodious mastery seemed to make the perfect space for her strong, haunting vocals.


Many of the people there were glued to the brilliance of the band’s musicianship, appearing relaxed with the sharing nature of the performance. With so much emotion and genuine enjoyment in their set, they created a vibrant atmosphere. Their energy was controlled and impressive, and they put on a thoroughly captivating performance.

If you want to have a carefree, fun afternoon, come along and be wowed by this slick quartet. Free entry and there’s coffee and cake too! The jazz divas play the first Saturday of every month at Inkwell with guest vocalists such as Anne Cleveland and Elaine Crighton and hold Jazz workshops on Sundays.

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