How To: Crochet Dishcloth

Bev shows us how to create our own crochet dishcloths at home! Suitable for beginners.

You will need: 
 Cotton DK yarn
 5.5mm crochet hook


1. Ch 42. Sc in the fourth chain from the hook. *Ch 1, skip the next ch, sc in the next ch* x 19. Ch 2 and turn. (21 linen stitches – remember that the initial ch-2 counts as one linen stitch).

2. Sc in the first ch-1 space. *Ch 1, sc in the next ch-1 space* x 19. Ch 2 and turn. (21 linen stitches)

3-4. Repeat row 2 until desired shape is achieved. (21 linen stitches)