The Taxi Draws Up Close To The Door

A Poem by Pat

The taxi draws up close to the door
Of the white building familiar now
With its quaint interior so secure.
Wait! There is more
There are people within this hive
Industrious souls creating. Painting. Drawing.
Bringing aspects of thought to life
Scaling them fresh on a page.
From the hand of one
A character is born
Waiting for entry into a story book world
Cartoon people waiting on the page
Just waiting for animation on a stage

From the hands of another
A story so true
In black and white image
A gift to give
Of memories and landmarks too
In a potted history

They create these images
And chat awhile
Their anecdotes and jokes
They make me smile

Artists around a shabby table
Sharing a space
Sometimes in passive silence
Sometimes in lively exchange

Abstract paintings flow from the brush
Become shapes on a canvas
Penned in time and space
One concept transforming into hard copy
Thoughts turning to visual life.

The workroom is chaotic
With pencil, charcoal, ink and pen
There are paint tubes and pots
An easel here
A tub of something there
And from the chaos
Crisp images are formed
On individual canvas or slate.
Many minds working on their project
Diverse but unified in the state
Of creativity.

We bond and join our groups
We share joy and hurt
We paint and draw and even write
We express ourselves and it becomes a delight
To find ourselves in this space
It’s Inkwell our home from home.

Ink drawing by DanniiBella
(Inkwell Student)