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It’s nearly Spring, you can feel it! The Daffodils in the garden are starting to bloom and recently we have had some lovely sunny days that enticed us outdoors and let us bask in the warm sunshine. We love this time of year as it means plans for May Day are being hatched and the long balmy days of summer seem not too far away.

The garden at Inkwell is lovingly cared for by the wonderful TCV who have been busy transforming the large space all through the winter months. TCV cleverly re-use and recycle materials to make raised beds, planters and fencing for our large garden. They have worked hard all year and soon the fruits of their labour will be enjoyed by all as the good weather brings more people out of the art space and into the garden.

Recently, thoughts have turned to our large terrace which has so much potential. We want it to be an area for everyone to enjoy; our artists, our volunteers, staff and local community. The Saturday Cafe brings people from the community into our space every weekend and the terrace offers a lovely place for an al fresco lunch or for children to enjoy our garden. It’s also a space used regularly by our artists and participants who need a break from their creative work and a chance to socialise and integrate.

The terrace at Inkwell

So, how do we transform an outdoor terrace with such a small budget? Pallets of course!

Pallet furniture is becoming more and more popular due to it’s cost effectiveness, quirky good looks and versatility. Our vision is to create modular seating, low level coffee tables and some higher level seating and tables too. The design has to be fairly flexible due to the number of different events and activities we have here at Inkwell such as May day, Bonfire Night, Instrumental, exhibitions and garden events. Our terrace design will be quirky, fun, stylish and practical and something that reflects the creative nature of our space and everyone who uses it. With the help of TCV, our volunteers and artists, work will start in transforming the terrace in April. It’s a very exciting project that will hopefully be completed by May 6th in time for our May Day Event.

These are just some of the designs that have inspired us…



See more great ideas on Decoist.com

Colourful painted pallet chairs by Gas and Air Studios

A colourful U shaped Seating area.

Pallet dining table

A fabulous indoor space using an eclectic mix of styles. There’s loads more pallet ideas here..

Easily assembled furniture

Natural coloured wooden pallet furniture.

There are so many designs that can be created from the humble pallet and these are just a few that we came across. We are very excited about the possibilities that pallets offer and will of course keep you all updated on our progress.

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    • Inkwell
      Inkwell says:

      Hi Tess, lovely to hear from you. Hope you and Mick are well. We have had to put this on hold for a week or two, just so we can concentrate on May Day. Hope you can pop down and see the finished article when it’s done. Amanda

    • Inkwell
      Inkwell says:

      Thanks Kevin for your comments. Yes, the designs are very inspiring. We have opted for a blue colour scheme on our terrace – it’s very Mediterranean! We hope to start the pallet project in the next few weeks so keep an eye out on our blog for some photos of our handywork.


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