Abstract Forms three day workshop in drawing, painting and sculpture


As part of our genbera series of workshops leading up to Light Night, artist and sculptor Rebecca Appleby will be leading a three day course in mark making, painting and sculpture here at Inkwell.

Dates are as follows:




3.30pm -6.30pm

Please book your place early to avoid disappointment.

Cost per person for the course of workshops is £6

Adults only (Ages 16+)


“From highly sculptural ceramics, vibrant collages & experimental landscapes, the work of artist Rebecca Appleby is a continual exploration of the contemporary urban landscape. Examining the ever present cohabitation & conflict between industry & nature.

Through a series of techniques developed over a 20 year career, Rebecca’s works are strongly defined by a series of marks & surface contusions that mimic both the manufactured process of industry & the seemingly sporadic, yet calculated occurrences found in nature. Her works explore & echo both the ephemeral & established solidity of her surroundings, offering the viewer thought provoking pieces & an exemplary dialogue of colour & movement.

Born in Leeds, Rebecca is a highly respected artist, whose sculptural & painterly eye, allows her the diversity to go beyond the boundaries of her traditional background in ceramics, giving her the freedom to create vibrant & challenging work.



This workshop is supported by Leeds Inspired, part of Leeds City Council.

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