100 things that have happened today

As part of our new Digital Craft Cafe we would love you to be part of our SMS creative writing game. It’s really easy and fun, so lets see what happens……

You are a reporter.

 Think of something you’ve seen today.

 Like this: Ink An old lady eating a fish. A fried fish on a white tray, no chips, in a doorway out of the rain, breaking bits off. Her pink bonnet like a film star’s.

Start a text with Ink then a space.

 Describe what you saw.

Remember the details that only

a witness would know.

Don’t comment. Don’t judge.

Like this: Ink An italian waiter repeatedly whistling the same christmas carol. His colleague shouts at him in angry italian but he carries on regardless.

Send your text to 07786 205 227

(it only costs the same as texting your friend’s phone)

Each text that comes in will be hand written at the Digital Craft Cafe. It will only last until

the next message arrives.

What you write will be completely anonymous.

You can be as personal or intimate as you like.

If we reach 100 we will stop.

100 things is enough for any day. 

You are not a historian.

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