World Book Night Event 2017

World Book Night at Inkwell 2017

Words are precious. We learn from them. We guide with them. We live with them. In a way we are all books, wanting to be read. But we are the only ones that can read the stories…

World book night is a fun event giving everyone the opportunity to share their passion for stories and poems. Showcasing inspiring poets and sharing novels that look at the constraints society can face, it intends to reach out to everyone through book sharing, poetry and writing activities. Perhaps there is a way of approaching reading as a means of expression and fullfillment. In our enjoyment of reading can we also fuse stronger connections between us in our lives and our appreciation of us as individuals? World Book Night is an event that opens itself up to all of us by exploring the release that reading brings.

If you are interested in continuing your adventure with words, come along and find which stories inspire you.

Reading and performing at the event will be:

Mick McCann
Matthew Hedley Stoppard
Oz Hardwick
Tom Weir 
Joe Nodus
Tony Martin Woods ( Transforming with Poetry)
Andy Carrington
 Dave Proctor
Pamela Scobie
Glenda Kerney Brown
Peter R White

There will also be homemade food available and fresh barrista coffees from our espresso bar.

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