An Exhibition by Jay Gadhia

Artist Jay Gadhia will be revealing a brand new collection of work in a stunning exhibition of paintings and drawings at Inkwell.

This series of works explores the tapestry of identity, self, introspection and reflection.
By unravelling we think we are falling apart…sometimes, the opposite is true. By unravelling, we see ourselves in a linear way and get an opportunity to re-stitch an alternative image. These works are an exploration of the landscape of the body, masculine vulnerabilityand the spectrum of identity from personal, spiritual andplayful perspective.
We naturally wear masks. What are we hiding? Who or what are we hiding from? Do we delicately veil true self as form of self-preservation?

Instagram @Jayartstudio

Launch event: Tuesday 19th Feb
5.30pm -7.30pm
Bar serving wine and soft drinks.

The exhibition runs until 19th March
Gallery opening times:
Tues – Fri: 9.30am -4.30pm
Saturdays 10am -4pm