The Irregularity of Order

An exhibition by Amanda Burton

We warmly invite you to join us for the launch of this brand new exhibition by artist Amanda Burton.

The Irregularity of Order is a collection of brand new contemporary drawings and artwork created using smoke, ink and fire in response to the theme of Chaos and Order.

Amanda’s academic background in mathematics and science offers a broad source of inspiration for her artwork. Her particular interests lay both in nature and modular structures. Through her work she explores the desire to better understand her surroundings, in both the physical and the metaphysical sense, and considers each piece she creates to be a study or experiment towards that journey.

In response to recent personal events, the theme to her recent work has responded to the phenomena of chaos and order. Order seems intrinsic to human life, yet the unpredictability of chaos penetrates its systems and design. “We cannot control our own destinies, nor can we control the outcomes of those around us whose lives may affect chaos and disorder to our own.”

Experimenting with the visual appeal of repeating pattern and order and combining it with the unpredictability of mediums such as smoke, fire or water she has created a body of work that explores the visual effects of these two polar entities with astonishing aesthetic results.

Launch Event

6pm-8pm Thursday 29th March 2018

Inkwell Arts
312 Potternewton lane
Chapel Allerton
Leeds LS7 3LW


Wine and refreshements will be served.

The exhibition runs until Tuesday May 8th 2018