The Inkwell Garden

Summer may feel like it’s nearly over and it is actually officially Autumn now. OK, so the longest day has been and gone and according to the records 2012 has been the wettest summer for 100 years but the Inkwell garden is still flourishing. Thanks to The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and their hard graft in rain or shine our large garden is looking lush, green and vibrant. Fruits, vegetables and flowers that have been lovingly planted are starting to blossom. It’s so good to see the potential of our garden coming to fruition.

As Hanna Rion the author so succinctly put it – ‘The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses ‘

Plants tumble down from the embankment and look stunning against the old red brick wall. The trailing squash plants are growing bounteously and fruits are beginning to appear.

Tomatoes vines are growing on the embankment too and will ripen soon to make tasty accompaniments to our salads and lunches.

The Conservation Volunteers have shown some ingenious ways of using recycled materials to create a garden that is beautiful and sustainable. These old tyres make perfect raised container beds to grow courgettes which are now starting to mature. Carrots grow in containers and strawberries in old wooden wells.

To arouse the sense of smell these Lavender plants on the patio are still in bloom, although they have reached their peak, their soft mauve colour still look gorgeous with the wooden slatted wall which sits behind them.

Wild flowers grow at the bottom of the garden attracting bees and insects to the colourful cornflowers and daisies.


The garden is by far completed and work continues to be carried out by TCV. Every week a new plot or new structure makes an interesting addition to our ever growing garden. These reclaimed wooden boxes will no doubt be the home for more seeds that will grow into delectable treats for our senses.

If you would like to help us transform our garden please get in touch. TCV are here every Tuesday. If you love gardening and want to get involved do please give us a call. 0113 3070108

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