Rejoining Jane

With Tick Tock Bridget

7pm – 9pm

At Inkwell Arts Cafe

Tick Tock Bridget – Rosa, Harriet and Jessica – hope that you can join them for their first UK Tour 2019 of Rejoining Jane.

You are invited to Immerse yourself in a playful and joyful dance experience as Tick Tock Bridget take you on a journey in and out of reality, swapping between the factual and the fictitious. Travel with them in their pursuit of ‘Rejoining Jane’ and share in the delight that this brings – all within the confines of a cosy cafe!

Together they delve into her story, travelling from Bromley to Papua New Guinea (via Ibiza!) with various escapades and secrets that unfold along the way.

We are also offering FREE creative storytelling through movement based on the show Rejoining Jane. These are open workshops to anyone who would be interesting in getting involved.

Come Join us! Book your tickets now.