Rebecca’s Story

“I’ve been coming to Inkwell since June last year. I’ve been working on a Leeds Central Library project for Light Night based on the Beryl Gott Bequest, which focused on flowers and nature, and that was really interesting because that’s what we took up, so we could draw and paint them ourselves. I did do art when I was 16 at school but that was 25 years ago, so it was good to be able to take that up again.

The hospital referred me to Inkwell, which I was really pleased about because they brought me for one day to see the place and see if I liked it, and straight away I felt welcomed and wanted to start the art classes. It was my time, and a good opportunity to relax and enjoy doing new things.

I’m proud of expressing myself – you do art that you don’t think you’re capable of doing, and it’s amazing what you can produce at the end of it.

Socially, I come with my husband to the acoustic night [Instrumental], and it’s great because you’re hearing artists that have produced their own music, they write their own songs and lyrics, and they’re quite appropriate to mental health issues. Also there’s Secret Cinema, where you get to see a movie, and again that’s fun because we can all socialise together.

Coming to Inkwell boosts your confidence – especially if your confidence is low, you get it back. Also, it gives you the opportunity to focus on something else and forget about your problems, your concerns and your worries.

You feel you can open up, you’re not judged, and you’re welcomed. My quality of life has improved dramatically – there’s hope for the future.”