Project Space Leeds

This morning we visited PSL (Project Space Leeds) at their waterfront location in Leeds City centre. As soon as we walked in, the space made a huge impression on us. PSL are moving to pastures new and relocating their premises so even though most things were boxed up and ready to go into storage the space was still beautiful, open and airy, with impressive sized walls and a floor space of about 500 square metres. Whitehall Waterfront has been their base since 2006  and during their time here they have supported, collaborated and given opportunities to many artists. You can find out more about them, how to get involved and opportunities on their website PSL

PSL at Whitehall Waterfront

Due to their relocation they were kindly donating and selling off some of their equipment and furniture. We owe them a huge thankyou for providing us with new plinths and some lovely display cubes. All of these are just perfect for our next group exhibition happening in a few weeks. The plinths will be put to good use not only for this show but other ceramic/ sculpture exhibitions we plan to hold in the future. This will mean we can showcase more 3D artwork than we do at the moment. The pottery class were very excited, as were we all!

New plinths in various sizes and colours.

Wooden cubes to display work.

As well as the exhibition plinths and cubes we also gave new homes to two sturdy tables, perfect for the sewing machines at our popular Craft Cafe every Thursday. The tables look wide enough to allow wheelchair users to access the machines so the sessions will be even more inclusive.

New sewing tables

Some books to inspire

So, thank you so much to PSL for supporting our project. It was lovely to meet some of you today and all of us at Inkwell wish you every success in your new premises opening soon. We hope to meet again soon.

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