By Leeds Surrealist Group

Having previously exhibited, as individuals and as a group – in Spain, France and the Czech Republic, this will be their first group exhibition in the UK.


Founded in 1994, Leeds Surrealist Group have been meeting up on a weekly basis for discussions, surrealist games, enquirires and interventions. As well as our internal group activities we have also organised a number of public events – including talks, readings, film screenings and presentations of our publications. We publish a journal PHOSPHOR, the fifth issue of which is to be released this summer, and founded our imprint SURREALIST EDITIONS in 2007, with four titles having been published to date. We have not only been active in our city of Leeds but collaborate with surrealists in the UK and internationally, including other surrealis grouops in Paris, Prague, Madrid and Stockholm.

One of the cornerstones of our activities is the exploration of urban spaces in search of poetic evidence of other ways of viewing and interpreting the world, in chance meanderings through our city streets, especially those abandoned places that have been left undeveloped.


The exhibition draws upon the group’s explorations of the abandoned and worthless places that border those commercial and consumer zones in which we are meant to spend our time and money. In the exhibition, our individual and collective creative responses to these places provide evidence of a different city, often invisible to us. Poetic marvels can be found in the derelict, when we look beyond the tall glass-fronted voids and wellscrubbed Victoriana of urban development. In the skeletal remains of industry or in discarded objects, there are enigmatic messages to be deciphered.


The group will be holding two talks at Inkwell Arts during the exhibition:
Friday, 22nd June – ‘Derelict Marvels’ on the theme of the exhibition.

Thursday, 28th June – on the Leeds artist, Anthony Earnshaw, who was a major influence on the group in its formative years.

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