Kitchen Refurb

Can’t believe we haven’t blogged about the kitchen refurbishment yet. There has been so many exciting things happening at Inkwell lately!

When Inkwell took over the Shoulder of Mutton pub three years ago the kitchen was in a filthy and derelict state, as was the rest of the building. With the limited funds we had at the time the money was spent on refurbishing and converting the main area into a beautiful working art space. There was little choice but to try utilise the kitchen space as best we could. We scrubbed it, tidied it up and turned it back into a basic working kitchen. However, it was far from perfect, it was dark and claustrophobic, and certainly not the kitchen we all hoped for.

Last year we received a substantial amount of funding from LPFT (Leeds Partnership Foundation Trust) and some of this money is being used to transform the kitchen into what we hope will be an enticing, beautiful, inspiring, working professional kitchen.

There were several issues with the kitchen but mainly the floor height and it’s size. With the new extension to one side of the building nearing completion and the rejigging of the access to the taxi rank upstairs, the opportunity came that we could extend our kitchen space. So, a few months ago the kitchen refurb finally started.

Stage I

Down came the wall!  Where the old tiles finish marks the position of the wall that was demolished.

This was probably the most disruptive part of the refurb due to the dust and noise but the work only took a couple of days. The kitchen, however, looked like a bombsite!


Stage 2

Removing the old tiled walls caused more dust and noise but it wasn’t long before the walls were re-plastered and the wiring was done. We could all start to see the massive improvements already made by the amount of space created. The floor was levelled and raised too which means there is now disabled access into the kitchen. Things were getting exciting!


The panelling in front of the windows was removed, letting floods of light in. We now even have a view from the washing up sink!


Stage 3

We chose a new floor and work started immediately.


By the next day it was down!


So this is our kitchen so far. It is brimming with potential and we are currently hunting for new units and equipment.

The next stage will be relocating the extractor fan and hood, panelling and painting the walls (a lovely sage green we think!) and finally fitting in all the workstations and units.

We will update you with it’s progress but we think we are not far off completion now. We are really looking forward to cooking delicious and healthy vegetarian meals for our service users and opening our weekend cafe which will better serve our community. Catering for and hosting more fundraising events at Inkwell and providing catering training opportunities in the future. Of course, we all can’t wait to start cooking all that delicious fruit and veg growing in our garden!



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