Inkwell ‘on Tour’ – Our work at local events

Fundraising is an integral part of what we do here at Inkwell and in recent weeks we have been working hard to attend a range of different events around Leeds in order to raise awareness of mental health, reach out to communities and raise funds that enable us to continue providing the services our visitors tell us they love so much.

We depend on our volunteers to support us in running Inkwell through hosting art and craft workshops, café and catering, exhibitions, media and fundraising. We really appreciate their on-going support for Inkwell, especially in recent weeks as they have been busy helping to prepare materials and running stalls at external events. We would like to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers for their hard work and dedication; we wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

Here’s a bit about the fundraising events we’ve been to recently:

Beeston Festival  – Saturday 4th June 

We teamed up with NCS Powered by The Challenge Yorkshire to raise funds for our youth project ‘ ‘Take Over Café’. As part of the NCS programme teams of young people are encouraged to support their local communities and we were fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the charities!

During the weeks leading up to the event we worked closely with the team to introduce them to the work we do and why we think it’s so important. We shared ideas for activities and fundraising and make plans for the day. We decided to provide some children’s activities including making your own butterfly and helping us to decorate our 5 foot butterfly sculpture!

We made the base for the sculpture here at inkwell with the young people from Take Over Cafe, then took the sculpture down to Beeston Festival and invited children to help us decorate it. The mini butterflies were a great success and lots of children were keen to get messy with their decorations.

Beeston Festival

Leeds Tattoo Expo  – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June

For the Tattoo Convention at the Royal Armories we decided to run an Art Raffle. We put out a call for art donations and we were grateful to receive a range of fantastic works. The artwork gained a lot of positive recognition and opened up conversations about creativity and mental health. This was a great opportunity to reach out to people who are interested in coming to Inkwell, tackle stigma and showcase some of the fantastic work we create here.

Tattoo Fest

 World Triathlon Leeds – Saturday 11th June

In support for all the hard working athletes who competed in the Triathlon, we hosted a stall in Roundhay Park for families to come and make paper pom poms!

Great Yorkshire Vegan festival – Saturday 18th June

Here at inkwell we believe in providing wholesome home cooked meals for everyone. We have an excellent team of staff and volunteers who run our Saturday café and some incredible bakers who produce the most delightful vegan cakes for our café and catering events. After a super busy week in the kitchen we went to Leeds Town Hall for the Vegan Festival. This was a great fundraising opportunity and chance to spread the word about our Vegan and Vegetarian Café. Read more about our experience at the Vegan Festival here.Vegan Festival

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in making all of this possible, including our volunteers, staff and of course everyone who has kindly donated to us at these events.

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