Encounters Under Black Lamplight

An Exhibition by Leeds Surrealsit Group

15th JUNE – 7th SEPTEMBER, 2019


Having previously exhibited – as individuals and as a group – in Spain, France, Portugal & the Czech Republic, following their exhibition at Inkwell last year, DERELICT MARVELS, this will be their second group exhibition in the UK.


Founded in 1994, LEEDS SURREALIST GROUP has for 25 years been meeting up on a weekly basis for discussions, surrealist games, enquiries and interventions. As well as our internal group activities, we have also organised a number of public events – including talks, readings, film screenings, and presentations of our publications. We publish a journal PHOSPHOR, the fifth issue of which has been released in April this year, and founded our imprint SURREALIST EDITIONS in 2007, with four titles having been published to date.
We have not only been active in our own city of Leeds, but also collaborate with surrealists in the UK and internationally, including with other surrealist groups in Paris, Prague, Madrid & Stockholm.

The exhibition – which will include paintings, drawings, collages, photographs and objects – marks 25 years since the founding of our surrealist group and draws upon the creative encounters that were pivotal in our embarking upon and continuing this collective adventure. The ‘Black Lamplight’ of the exhibition’s title is a reference to our first journal, of the same name, which was circulated in the 1990s, shortly after our group was founded. The notion of ‘encounter’ has been of great importance to us, not least in meeting like-minded people who have also been attracted to Surrealism.
The group will be holding several talks, readings and film screening at Inkwell Arts during the course of the exhibition, including:
Friday, 23rd June – ‘Encounters With Surrealism’, giving an introduction to Surrealism, in particular relation to our group’s activities.

For enquiries regarding the exhibition, please contact:
[email protected]
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