Dosti Asian Ladies Group Ceramics Class (Genera Project 2015)

Dosti Workshop 26.08 and 02.09

Inkwell enjoy working collaboratively with other organisations such as Dosti. Recent projects such as Dosti Innovation and Inkwell’s Genera project are just two examples of how we team up to work in partnership with other mental health organisations in Leeds. Dosti is a safe and confidential support service improving Asian women’s mental health, offering culturally appropriate activities promoting a programme of mental health recovery.
As the build up to Light Night continues, Beth Smith (a self directed artist at Inkwell) organised her own ceramics workshop for Dosti.  The Genera Project, which is funded by Leeds Inspired, has given opportunities to Inkwell artists to share and teach their skills to others. To introduce the group to the Genera project, Beth presented a range of images from the Gott Bequest and a selection of books full of botanical drawings for inspiration. For further encouragement Beth also shared some of the work produced in her previous workshop A Brush with the Wild. The group seemed very quiet to begin with, but after spending a few moments soaking up inspiration from the source books, they were happy to get on and produced some fantastic designs before progressing to work with the clay. The group already had experience with Henna patterns and drawing styles, so many were very confident with drawing these natural forms and floral shapes. Once they’d developed a range of ideas the group began to create some clay tiles and etched their drawings into the surfaces. For those who hadn’t previously worked with clay, this was a new experience with which to experiment with the possibilities of using the presses, cutters and different drawing tools.





For those who were perhaps not usually very creative, they took a little time to adjust to the notion of getting messy with the clay. Once settled the group were able to produce a great range of clay tiles and some even stretched to produce some lovely little bowls.
The following week, the Dosti group returned to Inkwell to develop their works from the first workshop. These had been left to dry thoroughly before the group would paint them. The colours they selected were very vibrant and really brought the works to life. The group seemed much more relaxed this week and the results proved this.





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