Consequences of Insignificance

A brand new solo exhibition feautirng the work of Karl Whiting

Special exhibition launch event:

A clash of the audio senses via an ecletic mix of live improvised music courtesy of SoundLab plus DJ playing old school hip hop.
Wine and refreshments will be available.


6.30PM -8.30PM

Inkwell Arts, 31 Potternewton lane, Chapel Allerton, LS7 3LW.


What comes first is it what we see? Or how we see it?

We become a part of our surroundings when we stop looking what is before us.
Spending hours without conscious connection we swim in our everydayness; a state of thought and action removed from the aliveness of life.
In this state do we see exquisite beauty? For these things which act as function for the ordinary are synonymous to the essentiality of our lives. Concealed as the mundane.
However things are distinguishable and change constantly in their subtlety, being weathered, unwatched and unmeasured. It takes a fascination that is dependent upon the light and time of day.
But we become robots set on automatic, out of a necessity and need, and in this role do we become content? Does it matter if we enjoy it or not?
Escaping the pressures and responsibilities of all things, their levels of importance and value diminish.
Then out of some hunger, desire and need, we fill our lives with concerns outside of us, but have always been in front of our eyes.
A false illusion exists as we think of us as alone, which withdraws suffering from the states we enter into. Often concluding we are not good enough, or that expectations of our lives are unobtainable.
Rather than being lonely; a world of silence. 
Karl Whiting