Chapel Allerton Festival Exhibition

The sun shone down at the festival today and crowds came in their hundreds to experience what Chapel Allerton had to offer, from delicious food to local real ale, live music, street entertainers and arts and crafts. Inkwell is in the heart of LS7, nestled between the vibrant communities of Chapeltown and Chapel Allerton. It’s been a week of festivities that started last weeknd with the vibrant and colourful Leeds Carnival taking place.

Colourful Craft Stalls at the Chapel Allerton Arts festival 2012

Inkwell this week has been a hive of activity when the Arts Festival came along to run art and craft workshops in our art space in the lead up to the main event happening this weekend. The children who came painted and created their magnificent woodland scenes which was the theme of this years event. The woodland decorations look amazing lining the streets and acted as a backdrop to the numerous street acts and entertainment that were taking place.

Today, we took our ‘Nature of it’ exhibition to the Arts festival and we owe a big thanks to Ally and Keith for help with transporting our show over and back again. Saturday at 11am the doors to the Methodist Church opened to the viewing public. We estimated over 400 visitors came to see the show today which is a fantastic turn out a great publicity for us and our service. Thanks to everyone who helped set up the show and for coming over and having a look at the diverse and beautiful art we make at Inkwell.


Visitors to the Inkwell Exhibition in the Methodist Church in Chapel A.

‘The work is innovative, interesting and of a very high standard. Keep up the wonderful work Inkwell and it’s artists’

‘A wonderful display of art – exciting, stimulating and inspiring’

‘A breath of fresh air’


These were just some of the comments we got today so well done to all our talented artists for making the show so tremendous.





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