Alias Grace – Inkwell Readers Group

11AM – 12PM
Saturday 16th Feb 2019

Some may think that dark times are ahead on this island we inhabit (presuming that you’re reading this in the UK: if you’re somewhere in Papua New Guinea this analogy might not be so forceful) and with Iain Banks’ dark tale set on a remote Scottish island, what better way to conscientise ourselves into the new year. Frank Cauldhame lives a rather barren and meaningless existence on this island. His sense of purpose is stringent though and we learn of his killings, some including family members, and the wasp factory itself, an incredibly intricate mechanism involving the use of his own urine and martyred wasps to add a tragic structure to his living.

Indeed, the wasp factory was invented by Frank to portend his future. When you reach the dark depths of his trauma underlying his life and strange upbringing, you realise that you’ve done that most terrible thing and identified with somebody you ‘shouldn’t’ or wouldn’t normally identify with. When it came to our time to dictate our political future, we didn’t have a wasp factory – or perhaps we did in the form of a big red bus – but just imagine talking to those we wouldn’t normally have done so before we made our choices. Whether we were leaving or remaining we might have been a bit more convivial about it. Or likely not. Thank god we’ve got books.

Join us next week when we read ALIAS GRACE by Margaret Atwood. It’s quite a tome however, so we will be reading half next week and the remaining half in March.  No excuses not to attend this time.

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