A Day at Inkwell

There’s always something exciting happening at Inkwell and a typical day here might be a little difficult to accurately describe, it’s such an organic and creative space. Whether we are planning for a big event or hosting other fundraising days, the art classes and other groups go on throughout the week.

Inkwell is primarily an art space, although several other things happen here like Salsa  and Latin Dance classes, Yoga mornings and even film nights in the near future, Art is what we do best. I thought I would share with you a brief look at the work created on just one day here at Inkwell.


This Friday’s art class concentrated on learning how to mix complex colours using the three primary colours: red, blue and yellow. A simple but effective exercise helping our budding artists to feel more confident and be able to create a more sophisticated palette when tackling their own work. Some beautiful landscapes were painted in Kevin’s class and everyone found the morning great fun and extremely valuable

Some of the finished oil paintings

 In the pottery space, Val was teaching her Friday class of students. Its so lovely and cosy in there since the refurbishment and the chatter and laughter often trickles out into the main art space. The variety of ceramic work produced is incredible, from plates, to large sculptures, to abstract vessels and more.

A decorative clay plate made using a mould.

Fresh out of the Kiln. A fired vase ready for glazing.

 As well as the students taking part in the classes and tuition we have our self directed artists who work in one section of the art space. Here is just some of the artwork that is being worked on at the moment:

Jennie’s Portrait study

Steve’s Abstract painting 

Kim’s mixed media work

So, this was an ‘ordinary’ day at Inkwell but the work created I think you would agree, is far from ordinary. We have a range of classes and activities happening regularly and something to suit everyone, of all abilities and interests. Alongside what happens indoors a whole load of stuff happens outside too in our beautiful garden. You can guarantee that a day at Inkwell is always great fun!

If you would like more information visit our What’s On Page or you can get in touch


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