Milkman Read-Along

Week 2

Questions from Week 2

What do you think to that then? We’re well into this world and well acquainted – or are we? – with our narrator now, so before we meet up on Saturday, here are some more questions for you about Milkman.

All that remains to be said after this post is that I really hope you can join us on Saturday. If you can’t, why not leave us a message with your thoughts so that we can discuss it at the group?

  • How are you finding navigating this world the narrator lives in? How have you mapped it?

  • What do you think the ‘truth’ is here and is it important?

  • What’s the significance of somebody being cast ‘beyond the pale?’ From the other characters we’ve seen who are classified as this, what is it that designates them as so?

You can read the previous week’s post here.

You can also join us on Saturday at 11am at Inkwell Arts, in Chapel Allerton.

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