Inkwell Community Garden

A current exciting task for Inkwell is the development of a beautiful community garden space at the rear of the building. The garden will bring together service users, members of the local community and a range of interesting local organisations in a wonderful creative and cohesive outdoor space.

We hope to create a productive growing area that is also an attractive setting for a wide range of community groups to do other outdoor activities, and also a place for quiet contemplation for our service users and the local community in a safe, accessible and inclusive space.

At the moment the garden is used for a few key events during the year such as May Day and Bonfire Night celebrations, which already bring Inkwell together with the local community. Although our focus now is to create a space to be shared by all, all year round.

The majority of the renovation project will be carried out by voluntary groups from other local organisations such as BTCV, service users and the local community.

A current priority for us is the lack of disabled access in the garden as this is preventing a number of service users and the local community from accessing the space. Currently we are looking to source funding to pay for a small moveable ramp from the side gate onto the patio overlooking the garden, to allow those with mobility issues to still enjoy the garden and be involved in its renovation.

A photo of the Garden before rennovations

The plan was drawn up with the help from garden designer Maxine Nelson and was very much through group collaboration and discussion. Everybody’s ideas and thoughts were listened to and included.

The plan includes the focal to the garden – an all important stage for music performances, perfect for Mayday, theatre groups, or even doubling up as an outdoor watercolour workshop space. Individual gardens run along the right side providing everybody space to enjoy some quiet time, dream up ideas, discuss their next masterpiece or chat amongst friends. A formal garden, wildflower garden, sensual garden and veggie plots to help sustain our small vegetarian cafe and a safe play area for children.

As far as getting creative, I am excited about the mosaic garden. This part will have a lot of input from the resident artists, where we can create something colourful and magnificent. Now do we go Gaudi style or something a little more muted and pebbly? It will be a really fun group project to do on a warm summers day (and in true Inkwell style, involve lots of  tea breaks!)

There’s going to be a lot of digging, planting and good old fashioned good spirit!

Gaudi’s Caso Batlo in Barcelona a source of inspiration for our mosaic garden?


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