African Drumming comes to Inkwell

Djembe and West African drumming classes


Drumming workshops leeds

African hand drumming is an engaging and fun hobby for anyone – it helps you to develop your sense of rhythm, and your hand & body co-ordination. Over the years our class has helped many hundreds of members from absolute beginners up to performance level. Unlike many instruments, drumming is quick and easy to learn, with only a few hand positions to learn, so new players find themsleves joining in with the group quickly and easily.

Knock on wood  is now in its 22nd year ! Beginners always welcome !!

Classes are every Tuesday evening at Inkwell from  8 to 10pm

Price only £5 per class,

Teaching includes – basic support, how to hold and strike the drum, drum-fluency excercises, leading into basic part playing, then multiple parts in genuine West African rhythms on djembe and dunduns


Please call 07765  943107  if you have any questions

Taught by Ianto Thornber, author of The Djembe Guide books – Ianto is a well known teacher with 22 years teaching, and 27 years drumming experience. For seven years he trained, arranged and led the performance group “Carabali”, and now plays in Leeds band “African Passport”. He has trained to a high level with master players such as  Mamady Keita, Seckou Keita, Nansady Keita, Iya Sako, Libon Traore, and Mockolo Sawane.


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